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BBC Radio 4 - Four Thought

Recorded live at Shambala Festival, Ewan tells the story of a Spartan-esque victory against all odds, and how to blag playing a team full of ringers.


Jim White - Telegraph

"When I met Flynn, he said his ambition for the book was to see someone reading it on the Tube. If he had seen me doing just that, he would have caught me snorting with laughter, unable to control myself at the recognition of the world he brings to the page."

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London Live News

Ewan gave an interview on his inspirations for writing We are Sunday League on the London Live TV channel on 7th July 2017



Read an exclusive extract from We Are Sunday League on iNews, published on 12th July 2017

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90 Min

Ewan travelled across Russia for the 2018 Fifa World Cup, read his write up for 90 Min.

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Sports Book of the Month

“No schoolboy was ever captivated by net spends and transfer windows,” says the book’s cover; it seems that fewer and fewer of us old ‘uns are either, which is why We Are Sunday League is such a breath of fresh footballing air." 

Of Pitch and Page

"The nearly-made-it midfielder now playing for fun, the winger desperate to make his sport-mad father proud, the goalkeeper who briefly lived his professional football dream and then returned. Amateur football is all about the characters. Who wouldn’t want to read about the captain of Gibraltar and the Tottenham fan who stole Tim Sherwood’s gilet?"

When Saturday Comes

"His strongest chapter is reserved for the thwarted ambitions of ex-Spurs apprentice and Wizards talisman Danny Grimsdale, who you may remember as the Tottenham supporter Tim Sherwood invited into the dugout in 2014."